Lorenza Manzoni Counselling Crouch End, North London

Why begin therapy now?

Counselling does not have to be the result of a crisis. No judgement is made on the type of difficulty you might be facing. You may be aware that there is something you would like to talk about. You may be carrying uncomfortable feelings or have a sense of being disconnected. You might be battling you anxiety or having difficulties in a relationship, grieving a loss or trying to make a life decision which is affecting your health or well-being. Whatever it is, therapy will help you to become more in touch with yourself, to know yourself better and to identify any patterns that might be preventing you from moving forward.

Why me?

I work to improve your awareness of yourself and your situation in the present moment. I offer a warm environment where you can express your feelings in an honest dialogue and in the context of a real and therapeutic relationship. I am a dialogic counsellor which means that the exchange with my clients is very much alive. My aim is to increase your personal empowerment and to achieve greater clarity about yourself and in relation to others.

I understand the value and the difficulty of being different and I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds including those with issues around their sexuality, gender, ethnicity or anyone experiencing discrimination.

I work with adolescents (12-18) and with parents with related issues to adolescent children.

I have a special interest in those suffering bodily injury or accidents: both professional athletes and non-professionals (please go to my Sport Counselling page).

What to expect?

I believe in the value of challenging my clients to help them to find greater resilience and personal empowerment. Together we will increase your awareness and challenge patterns of thinking and behaviour that no longer serve you.

My practice is respectful of your right to be valued and treated with dignity and without judgement or prejudice.

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