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Sport Counselling

The impact of depression and anxiety after injury or retirement from a competitive life in sport is sometimes underestimated (and overlooked by sport psychology). Counselling can support the athlete through this period of adjustment and can also help with the pressure of expectation during training and competition.

When injured, it can be incredibly frustrating not to be able to use your body as you wish. A lot of people feel lonely during their recovery and they can feel the need - or the pressure- to recover as quickly as possible, for others or for themselves. Injury can lead to a feeling of isolation believing that no one can truly understand the low mood or discomfort suffered. The result is that injury can be experienced as loss which, when explored in counselling, can help to build your resilience.

Often expectations about performance in sport cause anxiety and stress, which actually impede good performance, and can affect your everyday life. Counselling can support you to find the tools to manage this performance pressure and will improve your general wellbeing as well.

Retirement from competitive life can be as significant a change as any other form of retirement. It brings with it the potential for loss of your sporting identity as well as the social connections around your life in sport. By talking to a professional counsellor you can think about this transition and make plans for the future.

One often neglected area of sport psychology is that of body image and disordered eating when the desire to achieve maximum physical potential tips over into something more extreme and potentially difficult. Athletes are often judged by physical appearance leading to efforts to control diet and fitness. Having the support of a counsellor can help you to keep a healthy perspective.

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